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The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

What will the future bring us? Is there a way to know? Can we at least see the direction we are going? Questions we all ask for answers we don't know.

Most likely, everything will become an endless flow of ideas, tasks, and objects. It will be connected. We will experience a constant flow of information. The authorities of truth won't be the media or the administrations. Authenticity will be universally born from the collective work of all users. Trust will be a collective responsibility. Knowing how to filter, triage information, and do it well is a skill we need to teach our children. We should teach them how to make decisions and make them fast and reliable.

We will see a shift in humanity while dealing with gigantic data and planetary connections. People will operate on a new level and reach the impossible. Our brains have not evolved enough to deal with so much data, so we will need to harness the skills to cooperate with machines. We need to become like the chess centaurs.

Also, what is the paradox of science? Will we ever be able to solve it? Have the puzzles ended?

These and so many more questions are in this book.

The answers? I guess we'll see.

One thing is sure. Whatever the future holds, some things are inevitable.



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