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Born Creative

Yes, creativity is something we are born with. And it’s not exclusive. It’s not for the chosen few who will become artists.

We are all born creative. It’s a skill we can develop further in our lives. We can learn creativity. Yet, I was taught to think otherwise. All my life, I have perceived creativity as something I had to keep at the back of my mind. Because, you know, creative people don’t make a good living. I bet most of you were raised the same way.

It took me years to realize that my creative ideas and ways were precisely the ones that helped me in my “regular” jobs. They were the ones that shaped my career and helped me be an effective problem solver.

So, the question is will that work for you too?

Yes, because you have creative skills within you. We all do. But these skills are deeply hidden thanks to years of teaching us otherwise. You have to work hard to evoke them. To learn to be creative again. It’s a long process but a very productive one.

And once you become creative again, it will change your life. It will advance your career. It will help you thrive and prepare for the future of work.


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