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It is important for us as creatives to sell the idea behind the design, not only the design itself. So how can we do that if we do not have ideas in the first place? How can we get them to flow?

If you’re anything like me, you struggle from time to time to think of something new. Some time ago I was stuck. So I searched the web and stumbled upon a small book: “A Technique for Producing Ideas” from James Webb Young, published in 1939. It contained a 5-step technique on getting those creative juices to flow. Gave it a couple shots just to test it and it worked. Since then I try to implement the 5 steps every time I get stuck.

This book has taught me that ideas are just new combinations and producing them is a process one can follow. It is an operative technique, which can be learned and controlled. Like the “production of Fords”. It basically goes like this:

1. You face a problem and try to gather as much raw material on the subject as you can.

2. Then take the gathered material and study it hard, trying to find relationships between the facts. Don’t stop until you feel exhausted.

3. As strange as it sounds, the third step is to drop the whole thing and let your subconscious mind do the job. Go for a walk, listen to music, read a book or do whatever will take your mind completely off the problem.

4. The fourth step is when you get the Eureka moment – an idea will appear “out of nowhere”.

5. The final step is the “cold, gray dawn of the morning after”. This is the stage, when you have to deal with the realization of your idea. You have to be patient and persistent enough to see it through.

So if you think this could be your thing and help you get unstuck, you can get the book HERE.


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